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RMR Spindle Repair has over 65 years of experience in spindle repair and is one of the world’s premier spindle repair service providers. We have the expertise to assist our customers in optimizing spindle performance and minimizing downtime.

Here are the services that RMR Spindle Repair offers:

CNC Spindle Repair & Balancing Capabilities

When sourcing our repair components and accessories, RMR Spindle Repair only uses the highest quality spindles, motors, lubrication systems, acoustic control systems, balance and process control systems, and other machine parts.

What Is Spindle Repair?

Spindle wear and tear is an inevitable byproduct of high-volume CNC machines. Therefore, operators should watch for signs of impending spindle failure, such as bell-mouthing, degradation of the spindle taper mouth, and toolholder damage (discolorations, chips, nicks). Another issue known as fretting happens when the spindle mouth and tool holder scrape against each other.

RMR Spindle Repair offers the following services and solutions for each spindle part:

Spindle Housings

The spindle shaft and bearings must be held in place by a housing; it could be incorporated into a machine tool or cartridge housing and secured with a block, foot, or flange. Cartridge-type housings are used in many high-speed spindle models because they are the easiest to support and because high-speed tolerances are easier to achieve when the housing is manufactured as a cylinder.

The primary function of a spindle housing is to enclose the bearings. As a result, it must precisely sustain and pinpoint the bearings while providing utilities to the spindle system. The housing must also be solid and stiff because it transfers all forces from the spindle to the machine tool.

A common issue with spindle housings is a lack of bearing-housing clearance at the unit’s rear, which can result in excessive bearing preload and seizure. RMR Spindle Repair offers chrome plating and grinding to correct housing bores or defects on diameters.

Spindle Shafts

The spindle shaft is supported by the housing and is held in place by a bearing system in a standard setup. In addition, the tooling system is integrated into the spindle shaft (tool taper, drawbar mechanism, and tool release system).

Shaft misalignment is the most common failure, and the following are the common causes:

  • Premature bearing
  • Seal or coupling failure
  • Excessive vibration
  • High housing temperature near the bearings

RMR Spindle Repair provides cleaning, repairing, and chrome plating services in the event of a total shaft failure.

Spindle Motors

The spindle motor is typically a high-speed, high-precision motor. It can provide the speed and torque needed to drive the cutting tool at the speeds required for a given operation. Moreover, it is available in various designs — including DC and AC. It can also be integrated into the machine as an integral motor spindle or connected to the spindle via a belt or gear train.

Several common causes of spindle motor failure include overheating and mechanical failure. A lack of proper cooling, a clogged cooling system, or an overworked motor can cause these. Excessive vibration can also damage the motor and the other components, leading to failure.

Depending on the condition of the spindle motor, we also provide repair services to fix existing damage and get it back in working order. Our capabilities include cleaning, baking and testing stator windings, additionally, rewinding for stator winding failures.

Spindle Tapers

A spindle taper takes quite a bit of battering as it is subjected to high-speed conditions and tool interface changes. Since various tool holders are attached to the taper, the precision of your spindle is reliant on your taper’s quality.

Taper damage is usually caused by simple wear and tear. As your taper deteriorates, it can manifest in the overall deterioration of your machine and a host of other issues. For damaged tapers, RMR provides repair services, including chrome plating.

Other Common Spindle Failures

Aside from the spindle failures mentioned above, machine operators should always be on the lookout for the following early warning signs of potential malfunction:

  • Sensor instability
  • Faulty clamping
  • Spindle jerks, freezes, does not release or runs backward
  • VFD trips repeatedly
  • Tool slips or does not release properly
  • Reduced tool balance
  • Axial or radial load failures

Spindle Testing

Spindles are tested at an acceptable RPM while subjected to vibration and temperature analysis. Bearing velocity and acceleration are measured, and all electrical components are tested, repaired, and replaced as needed. The spindles are then dynamically balanced for the maximum RPM.

At RMR Spindle Repair, we provide professional spindle testing capabilities and ensure the quickest turnaround times possible.

Dedicated Assembly Room

We have a dedicated assembly room to meet any spindle repair needs and specifications. Our suitable space is where all the action happens. We repair many different spindle makes and models. Here are some common repair projects we handle:

  • GMN grinder spindle
  • Haas VF Series spindle
  • Hitachi Seiki VS-60 motorized spindle
  • Hyundai Kia SKT 100 lathe spindle
  • Kitamura HX-630 spindle
  • Kiwa KNH-426 spindle
  • Mazak VTC spindle
  • NSK G-40V spindle
  • Scripta engraving spindle
  • Supertec grinder spindle
  • And more!

Our Facility

Our capabilities have now been expanded due to our most recent remodel. Read about our additional features below:

  • Adjust to tight tolerances (0.00005)
  • Perform vibration analysis
  • Test motorized spindles up to 95 Amps, 460 Volts, 3200 Hertz, 50 HP, and 2 tons in weight
  • Balance belt-driven spindles with a dedicated pulley, thereby increasing spindle life by as much as 50%
  • Document evaluation and final readings for superior quality control
  • Repair, rebuild, and store spindles in a climate-controlled environment
  • Extended warranty of spindles past standard six months
  • Emergency repair 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Newly expanded to 8750 square feet

The Core of Our Expertise

RMR Spindle Repair team is led by our talented Founder Randy Rosbeck. Randy is one of the trusted experts in the machinery repair industry and a retired Chief Machinery Repairman in the US Navy. RMS Spindle Repair is founded with years of experience and expertise in spindle repair, which reflects in all the spindle repair jobs that we do!

High-Quality Services From RMR Spindle Repair

RMR Spindle Repair is a leading machine repair services provider — we source only the highest-quality spindle repair parts and accessories for your needs! Whether you need repair for any type of spindle, including motorized, belt driven, or grinding spindles, or even sub-assembly, RMR is your trusted partner when it comes to any spindle repair needs!

We also take pride in our state-of-the-art facility and equipment, which allow us to perform the best spindle repair work. Contact us today for a consultation, and we will go over the best repair options for you!