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650 Park St., Belgium, WI 53004
Phone (262)285-3252

Nationwide Service and Repair for the following Brands:
ANCA, Brembana Macchine, Brio, Brother, Brown & Sharpe, Bryant, Chiron, Cincinnati, Colombo, Daewoo, Doosan, Dumore, E-Mag, ELB, EREM, Enshu, Eurotech, Excello, FMN, Fadal, Fanuc, Fortuna, G&L, GMN, Gamfior, Gildemeister, Gilman,
Guhring, Haas, Heald, Hendrix, Hitachi Seiki, Hurco, Ingersoll, Iwata, KIA, Kira, Kitamura, Kent, Komo, Kummer, LMT, Maier, Makino, Marquip, Mazak, Minganti, Mitsubishi, Miyano, Modig, Mori Seiki, Motch, Newell, Niigata, Nissin, OKK, Okamoto, Okuma, Omlat, Parker, Parker Majestic, Perske, PIBOMULTI, Pope, Rambaudi, Red Head, ROBOHAND, Robohand, SCHUNK, Setco, Sirmec, SKF, SNK, Sopko, Springfield, Sugino, Takisawa, Tenco, Tree, TSK, Toshiba, Toyoda, Ultra-Turn, Viper, Whitnon, Walter Weiss, Woodtronic, YANG, YCM, and Zimmermann
Prevent Downtime and Save Money with RMR Spindle Repair!
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True commitment to service.
Down-time is frustrating and expensive. Is there more you can do to prevent it? RMR Spindle Repair would like to help you find out.

With over 29 years of spindle repair experience, including work for the US Navy and one of the world's leading suppliers of machine tool and automation components, we have the expertise to help you manage your spindles to ensure optimum performance and minimal down-time. Preventing bearing contamination by adding seals and air purges are only a couple of the many ways we can extend the life of your spindles.

I'd like to set-up a meeting to discuss how RMR Spindle Repair may be able to help you.  Please call us at 262-285-3252 to let us know when it would be convenient to discuss your future spindle repair needs.

View spindle repair page. Learn more about proto-type machining.

At our new state-of-the-art facility, including a dedicated clean room, we have capabilities to:
  • Adjust to tight tolerances (.00005)
  • Perform vibration analysis
  • Test motorized spindles up to 95 Amps 460 Volts, 3200 Hertz, 50 HP and 2 ton in weight
  • Balance belt-driven spindles with a dedicated pulley thereby increasing spindle life as much as 50%
  • Document evaluation and final readings for superior quality control
  • Repair, rebuild and store spindles in climate controlled environment
  • Extend warranty of your spindles past standard 6 months
  • Emergency repair 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Dedicated Clean Room
  • Newly expanded to 6250 SQUARE FEET!

Proto-type machining is just one of the capabilities that RMR Spindle Repair can provide. Our Proto-type capabilities include:
  • Grinder: 7" x 14" x 12" High
  • Lathes: 14" swing with 60" between centers.
  • Milling: Light duty operations

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